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TSLF Brand Story: The what, why and story of our branding

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Over the past few months we have been working with the team over at Pithy Studios to create a brand that not only represents what we are trying to do but also captures Andrew’s attitude, resolve and strength of character.

The Brands Character

We wanted a brand that was GRITTY, MODERN and PROFESSIONAL. One that looked to the future and embraced a minimal yet powerful feel. We feel that we have landed on something that is both graphical and restrained, direct yet personal and something that people can anchor to inspire and motivate.

Breaking the Logo Down

The tree placed at the top of the arch represents Kirkcarrion - a special place to Andrew's family and friends. It represents freedom, reflection and adventure.


The circle in the centre of the logo is there to represent the bubble in a spirit level. It's there to depict the idea of balancing a focus on yourself whilst also maintaining a commitment to others.


The final part of the logo is representative of someone supporting the world. The aim of The Foundation is to create the conditions for others to do meaningful, measurable and motivational things, which either directly and positively impact the lives of others, or contribute a collective effort to do so.

So this is us...


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