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Our Why

Andrew epitomised challenging yourself to being the very best you can be. Whether that be through physically pushing his body to the extreme or learning new skills that could help him and those around him .


The Spirit Level is built on this ethos, and we want to support those who are keen to get involved in whatever endeavours they undertake - in fact we actively encourage the weird and the wonderful.

Our focus for the next 12 months

Our principle objective for the next 18 months is to raise the sum of £67,000 to support the employment – for three years – of a specialist blood cancer nurse via the charity, Bright Red.

Central to the medical team that looked after Andrew at the Freeman in Newcastle, were the specialist nurses funded by Bright Red, in cooperation with the NHS Trust. They were simply outstanding. As a family, we have witnessed first-hand how important their work is to those facing the ultimate challenge.

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And if you need a little inspiration ...

Andrew never allowed his illness to define him and was and is the most epic, determined and kind person anyone who has known him knows. He was, in many ways, the stuff of legends. The kind of person you hear about and want to be better because of knowing about him. Throughout his life he challenged himself constantly, HERE are a couple of examples of what he did. 


Maybe they'll spark that voice saying, "I could do something / I could help" - if so GET IN TOUCH!

Other ways to get involved

There are lots more ways to support whether it be volunteering, becoming a donor or running your own event.

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Volunteering with Bright Red offers vital help to blood cancer patients in need and benefits those directly in our community. However, the benefits can be even greater for you: the volunteer. The right role can help you to make friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, and even add to your CV.

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For someone with blood cancer or a blood disorder, an amazing stranger donating their stem cells could be their best chance of survival.  

If you sign up to the Anthony Nolan stem cell register and one day come up as a genetic match, you could be that amazing stranger. Without you, there is no cure. 

We are constantly looking for people to support The Spirit Level Foundation and if you are interested in hosting an event (no matter what size) it would be great to have you on board. Get in touch with your ideas!

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